TradeTech Europe 2017

25 - 26 April, 2017

Palais des Congrès de Paris

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 Alison Hollingshead
Alison Hollingshead Head, Investment Services Man Group
Man Group is a leading hedge fund which has more than $78 billion in assets under management (AUM) . There are four major investment groups underneath the Man Group umbrella: Man AHL, Man Numeric, Man GLG and Man FRM. With over 10 years experience on the trading desk, dealing with electronic execution, Alison now reports direct to the group COO, and leads the change and business management team, responsible for regulatory implementation, front office technology implementation, business integration and efficiency.

Main Day 1: Tuesday 25th April 2017

12:05 PM SYNERGY WORKSHOP: Evaluating developments in research payment models- what is the best option for your business?

  • How to evidence your end clients on exactly what they are paying for
  • Steps towards demonstrating a clear separation between research and trading activity
  • What are the options and how can these be incorporated into current payment models?
  • What do CSAs and RPAs look like in practice?
  • How do companies justify commission rates?
  • What are the commission management tools available and why are they so important now?

(Limited to 25 attendees- Chatham House)

Main Day 2: Wednesday 26th April 2017

11:05 AM KEYNOTE DISCUSSION PANEL: How will the shift in research payments impact front office operations and execution strategies?

  • How are brokers pricing and valuing research and how can buy side best prepare for this?
  • How is this research being consumed, evaluated and ranked by the buy side? What are the top considerations for setting research budgets and how can you ensure this is compliant?
  • With research quality now being questioned, will there be a flurry of research-only houses? Will this impact current broker numbers on the buy side books and how will this impact execution choice?
  • What are the benefits of moving from CSAs to RPAs and why is this is necessary in light of MiFID II? What role does the trading desk have in this decision given a shift in responsibilities?