TradeTech Europe 2017

25 - 26 April, 2017

Palais des Congrès de Paris

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 Richard Balarkas
Richard Balarkas Compliance Solutions Strategies Compliance Solutions Strategies
Widely regarded as a leading pioneer in the development of electronic trading and market structures, Richard currently serves as an advisor to CSS Compliance Solutions Strategies, non-executive Director of BATS Trading, and non-executive Director of SAXO Capital Markets. In 2005 he was elected by his industry peers to serve as Global Co-Chair of FPL, the organisation responsible for setting industry standards for electronic trading, for whom he continues to act as a Director. Richard has held a number of senior positions including CEO of Instinet Europe, Global Head of Electronic Trading at Credit Suisse, COO for trading at BZW, CEO of the City Group for Smaller Companies, and Head of National Market Development at the London Stock Exchange. He has successfully led major re-organisation and infrastructure projects, as well as industry leading new business initiatives.

Main Day 1: Tuesday 25th April 2017

12:05 PM FIRE SIDE CHAT: How to break down departmental silos to drive efficiency and achieve best execution

  • How to identify which  silos are causing set backs in streamlining workflow and improved communication
  • How to find common ground within each department on what best execution means to them and use this to improve internal dialogue
  • What does a successful best execution policy look like?
  • How can current best execution strategies feed into future decision making processes?
  • Evaluating what your company infrastructure needs to look like to cope with new regulatory demands and a more streamlined approach

2:10 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Real-time trade analysis - how to create a work flow using pre, intra and post trade analysis to make improved trading decisions

  • What are the current developments in in-trade trade analysis and how can this demonstrate impact on venues?
  • Evaluating current buy side efforts to identify relevant data sets
  • What are the current efforts in data visualisation that help you understand the relevant data?
  • What are the current regulatory requirements for time stamping of data, effective order handling and good governance of the process- practical examples of what is needed

Main Day 2: Wednesday 26th April 2017

12:20 PM FIRE SIDE CHAT: The aftermath of Brexit in Europe - what are the repercussions in asset allocation and equity performance?

  • Insight into the economic impact of Brexit and how this has impacted the UK and European markets
  • How has Europe been affected by Britain’s choice to leave the EU and how have relationships with the city as a financial hub been altered?
  • Will competency be shifted to another country in the EU and if so where?
  • Are current changes and implications on Brexit with currency and money representative of what will happen in the next coming years?
  • How can the UK ensure ‘passporting’ for financial services firms to access the EU single market and what domestic legislative changes will the UK have to undertake to ensure market access?

3:45 PM TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE: FinTech and RegTech showcase- who are the ones to watch for in 2018 and beyond?

  • How is the technology landscape changing: Will the technology providers of today be those of tomorrow?
  • What are new players in Fintech and RegTech offering that the current solutions providers aren’t? Insight into those in capital provision, technology, regulation, work-flow processes and connectivity
  • Do the new market players have products that comply with MiFID II and if so, how are they proving this?
  • Who is succeeding and what value have they added to the business?
5companies from the FinTech and RegTech market will discuss their products and debatetheir applications in the trading community. At the end, we will take a vote onthe product that the audience see as most innovative and applicable for theirbusiness.