TradeTech Europe 2017

25 - 26 April, 2017

Palais des Congrès de Paris

Contact Us: +44 (0)207 368 9548

 Vicky Sanders
Vicky Sanders Co-Founder RSRCHXchange
Co-founded with a former client, RSRCHXchange introduces to the industry the first online marketplace for institutional research designed to improve how research is bought and sold: RSRCHX. With their combined 25 years experience in equity markets, on the buy- and the sell-side, they are familiar with the benefits and challenges of distributing and consuming research. They endeavour to be a disruptive force in the market for research, providing a new solution for the industry to access and pay for research.

Main Day 2: Wednesday 26th April 2017

3:45 PM TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE: FinTech and RegTech showcase- who are the ones to watch for in 2018 and beyond?

  • How is the technology landscape changing: Will the technology providers of today be those of tomorrow?
  • What are new players in Fintech and RegTech offering that the current solutions providers aren’t? Insight into those in capital provision, technology, regulation, work-flow processes and connectivity
  • Do the new market players have products that comply with MiFID II and if so, how are they proving this?
  • Who is succeeding and what value have they added to the business?
5companies from the FinTech and RegTech market will discuss their products and debatetheir applications in the trading community. At the end, we will take a vote onthe product that the audience see as most innovative and applicable for theirbusiness.