TradeTech Europe 2019

24 - 25 April, 2019

Palais des Congrès de Paris


Day 2: Thursday 25th April 2019

8:40 am - 8:50 am Opening Chairman Remarks

8:50 am - 9:10 am KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: How can you leverage deep learning and AI to unlock new insights from untapped data sets and make smarter trading and investment decisions?

Shary Mudassir - Director, Global Algorithmic Trading, Royal Bank of Canada

Shary Mudassir

Director, Global Algorithmic Trading
Royal Bank of Canada

-          How to apply data, proprietary algorithms, and machine-learning models to build portfolios and execute trading strategies
-          What are the true capabilities of current macro research and analytics in deciphering complex market opportunities and asset pricing?
-          How can managers better understand how the current trading environment is developing through a combination of AI and machine learning based models and quality data – how do the two compliment each other?

Daniel Leon

Deputy Global Head, Trading and Securities Financing (TSF)
AXA Investment Managers


Michael Steliaros

Global Head of Quantitative Execution Services
Goldman Sachs


Bertil Meijer

former Head, Systematic Execution, Founder
BlueCrest, TenInvest


Christian Gast

Systematic Investment Management AG (SIMAG)

-          What is really dark? How is the market really interacting with dark pools and what has the true impact of the dark pool caps been on market behaviour?
-          Periodic auctions: how transparent are they and when do they actually happen? Are they really an alternative to dark pool trading? Who sets the price for these and how can the value of liquidity really be demonstrated?
-          How are SIs offering alternative liquidity, regarding size of liquidity, limited market impact and routes around dark pool caps?
-          Developments in block trades- how are they really impacting the market regarding volatility and pricing impact?
How are small to mid-cap stocks covered by these products and how can these now be accessed?

Tilman Lueder

Head, Securities Markets Unit, DG FISMA, Securities Markets
European Commission


Rob Boardman

Managing Director, CEO Europe


Mark Hemsley

President, Europe
Cboe Europe


Tom Doris

Chief Data Scientist


Scott Bradley

Head, Sales and Marketing, LSE Cash Secondary Markets and Turquoise
London Stock Exchange Group


Simon Gallagher

Head, Cash and Derivatives

10:25 am - 10:45 am US REGULATORY KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Inside information from the SEC- what are the current and future strategies to drive efficiency and transparency in global financial markets and how is performance assessed?

Brett Redfearn - Director, Division of Trading and Markets, SEC
-          How has the Transaction Fee pilot highlighted how changed in order routing behavior, execution quality, and market quality can change across different test groups and impact questions for regulators in the future?
-          What are the future efforts of the SEC to further promote fair and orderly markets and continue to build an efficient and resilient global market?

Brett Redfearn

Director, Division of Trading and Markets

10:45 am - 11:25 am Morning break

-          What are the broader ramifications of changes to research payments for market participants and what does this mean for business models in an unbundled world?
-          How has AI, alternative data sets and AI changed how the buy side and sell side collaborate?
-          How has automation of the sales process for research driven alpha creation and enhanced productivity?
-          How is the development of alternative data sourcing challenging the value of sell side research and how are the buy side reacting?
-          How have changes in broker fees driven the appetite for more transparent services and what does this mean for the future of asset management and outsourced services?
-          What data internally is actually being used? What does this mean when implementing smart analytics and how can this provide company differentiation and outperformance through both research and trading?

Antish Manna

Head, Execution Research
Man Group


Nej D'jelal

Managing Director, Head of Electronic Equities & Quant Prime Services Product, EMEA


James Glover

Head, Global Markets


Marlon Kelly

Global Head, Equity Brokerage
Kepler Cheuvreux

12:05 pm - 12:35 pm GLOBAL ECONOMY GUEST KEYNOTE: What does the future hold - Gerard Lyons predictions on the future state of the global economy and how to stay ahead?

12:35 pm - 12:50 pm BREXIT KEYOTE ADDRESS: The future of a Global Britain and it’s relationship with the EU – what can we expect from a financial services perspective?

The Rt Hon Lord Edward Garnier - Barrister, QC
-          Defining the impact that the EU Withdrawal Act and different legislation will and is having on the financial services community
-          What have been the biggest legal challenges that the EU withdrawal process has created and why is this really a problem?
-          How can financial organisations achieve regulatory coherence after Brexit?
-          What does your organisation need to be aware of and plan for in order to survive and thrive in this post-Brexit world?

The Rt Hon Lord Edward Garnier


-          What are the practicalities of who you can and can’t trade with and what relationships do you need to nurture to ensure the
post-Brexit transition is successful?
-          How are brokers now accommodating different flows from different locations? What does this mean for the buy side and their partnerships with UK, European and international clients?
-          How are financial organisations delegating responsibility of UK vs EU issuance?
-          Where are companies positioning PMs vs traders and does this really matter?
-          How will the cost of broker services change for the buy side considering the overall increase in legal and documentation fees?
-          How will liquidity be impacted?

Lynn Challenger

Global Head, Trading
UBS AM O’Connor


Philippe Waechter

Chief Economist
Ostrum Asset Management


Lydia Buttinger

Global Head, Regulatory Engagement and Risk Governance
Aberdeen Standard Investments


Tom Springbett

Manager, Trading Venues Policy
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


Jean-Charles Delcroix

Chief Compliance Officer

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Lunch

STREAM A: Smart Data Applications to Outperform

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm How to overcome poor quality and inconsistent trade data to extract accurate analysis that supports smarter decision making – an insight it’s ESMA’s legislation approach and rationale
Olga Petrenko - Senior Officer, Market Data Policy, ESMA
-          What was the rationale behind ESMA’s reporting regulations and has the approach come to fruition?
-          What are the differences between MIFIR and EMIR and how is data quality assessed?
-          What are the identifiers that the market need to be aware of and where have the reporting inconsistencies been?
-          How has the regulation helped achieve work processes to be more lean and efficient?
-          Insight into why the validation rules are the way they are?
Life after reporting- how are the regulators actioning this data

Olga Petrenko

Senior Officer, Market Data Policy

STREAM A: Smart Data Applications to Outperform

2:50 pm - 3:25 pm DISCUSSION PANEL: How has the rise of algo trading impacted the performance of trading strategies and the skillset required in your team?
Daniel Leon - Deputy Global Head, Trading and Securities Financing (TSF), AXA Investment Managers Christoph Hock - Head, Multi-Asset Trading, Union Investment Bertil Meijer - former Head, Systematic Execution, Founder, BlueCrest, TenInvest
-          With removing human bias and more statistical based decisions being made, has the market become more predictable and if not, why?
-          How has algo trading effected dispersion and forecast accuracy of financial markets?
-          How are organisations refining and analysing the type of algos they trade? What is the trader’s role in this type of analysis and how has accuracy of market predictions changed?
-          How has the role of a trader changed and what does this mean for the future?

Daniel Leon

Deputy Global Head, Trading and Securities Financing (TSF)
AXA Investment Managers


Christoph Hock

Head, Multi-Asset Trading
Union Investment


Bertil Meijer

former Head, Systematic Execution, Founder
BlueCrest, TenInvest

STREAM B: Embracing Disruptive Technologies

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm How to reshape your business model and strategy through digital innovation and transformation by investing in fintech – a step by step approach from start up evaluation through to implementation
Thierry Derungs - Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
-          What is the Employee Experience Strategy at BNP Paribas Wealth Management and how it is aiming to drive efficiency and innovation internally?
-          What are the initiatives that the project are currently implementing and how are they improving internal data management, market prediction and client interaction?
-          What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that working with starts ups has brought, and how were these overcome and capitalised on respectively?
-          How has the EES really changed the business, from a profit, reputation and organizational perspective?
-          What’s next for the organization and why?

Thierry Derungs

Chief Digital Officer
BNP Paribas Wealth Management

STREAM B: Embracing Disruptive Technologies

2:50 pm - 3:25 pm FIRE SIDE CHAT: Examining the institutionalisation of cryptocurrencies - what are the true economic risks, benefits and investment opportunities you should be looking for?
Tan T-Kiang - CTO, Grasshopper Chris Jenkins - Managing Director, Tora Trading
-          Which institutional players have moved into this space, and where are they seeing the appetite and financial reward?
-          What are the real risks with digital assets?
-          How are these being moved into future trading and investment strategies?
-          What is the lifecycle of moving into this asset class?
-          What trading styles are they similar to? FX, equities?

Tan T-Kiang



Chris Jenkins

Managing Director
Tora Trading

STREAM C: Optimising Trade Workflows

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm How can you implement agile processing methodologies that allow you to adjust to ever changing regulatory requirements and client demands?
Virginie Saade - Director, Government & Regulatory Policy for Europe, Citadel
-          How to ensure that trading platforms are robust enough to adjust to changes once highlighted by regulators?
-          How do other asset classes manage this agility and responsiveness and what can equities learn?
-          How to best incorporate feedback from end clients
-          What are the latest developments in multi-asset infrastructures that are working well for the buy side?

Virginie Saade

Director, Government & Regulatory Policy for Europe

STREAM C: Optimising Trade Workflows

2:50 pm - 3:25 pm FIRE SIDE CHAT: What are the critical success factors for leveraging cloud in your front office to drive efficiencies and agility?
-          How are the buy side advancing their approach to managed services for the front office- what is driving this trend and how are technology offerings catering for this?
-          What services are moving to the cloud and why?
-          What are the real benefits of cloud services for the front office and broader investment department?
-          What type of data can be put into the cloud?
-          What can we learn from successful companies outside of finance who leverage cloud offering to drive efficiency, agility, scalability and constant innovation?

STREAM D: Small Interactive Boardrooms/ Workshops (maximum 15 attendees)

2:30 pm - 3:25 pm WORKING GROUP: Breaking down the mechanism of your algos to better understand routing choice and make smarter performance-enhancing decisions– stories shared
Neil Joseph - European Head of Equity Trading, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
-          Why are certain algos used over others?
-          Why are certain algos used at certain times as opposed to others?
-          Who have the best algos, for whom and why?
-          How to leverage these newer forms of trading in a compliant framework?

Neil Joseph

European Head of Equity Trading
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

STREAM A: Driving Outperformance Through Trader Behaviour Analysis

3:25 pm - 3:45 pm INDUSTRY CASE STUDY: Evaluating AI in finance – how behavioural finance can used as a tool to drive smarter investment decisions and source new liquidity opportunities
Sharad Shandilya - Head, A.I. & Big Data, Fidelity Investments

Sharad Shandilya

Head, A.I. & Big Data
Fidelity Investments

STREAM B: Embracing Disruptive Technologies

3:25 pm - 3:45 pm Exploring the merits and drawbacks of Blockchain application in the front office and how to map out the financial ecosystem to make the successful transition
-          How have DLTs and blockchain developed over the last 5 years and what does this mean for data storage and management?
-          How does blockchain fit into the future trading landscape?
-          Where has it has most success?
-          What new consortia are there to demystify blockchain and it’s applications in investment and trading?
-          What are their current priorities and initiatives and where are they looking to apply this technology?
-          What are the biggest challenges of implementing and integrating this technology into current financial infrastructure?

STREAM C: Generating Alpha- New Market Opportunities

3:25 pm - 3:45 pm FIRE SIDE CHAT: How will changing global equity markets impact your business and what are the risk and opportunities to prepare for and action to outperform in 2020?
Philippe Waechter - Chief Economist, Ostrum Asset Management Brigitte Posch - Managing Director, Global Head of Emerging Markets, Apollo Global Management Enrico Massignani - Head, Risk Management, Generali Investment
-          How are rising rates and higher volatility creating opportunities for active managers
-          What are the  differences in central bank policies in Europe and the US given expectations in growth and uncertainty around inflation
-          Dissecting the changing role of alternative investments in a truly diversified portfolio
-          Equity and fixed income valuations – expectations for EU vs US vs emerging markets
-          How are geopolitical risks, from North Korea and Brexit impacting investor behavior? 

Philippe Waechter

Chief Economist
Ostrum Asset Management


Brigitte Posch

Managing Director, Global Head of Emerging Markets
Apollo Global Management


Enrico Massignani

Head, Risk Management
Generali Investment

STREAM D: Collaboration Working Groups (maximum 12 attendees – buy side only)

3:25 pm - 3:45 pm WORKING GROUP: How to better collaborate with IT to solve your infrastructure challenges fast
-          Identifying the pain points and understanding each teams objectives- have these changed over the last 5 years and if so, how?
-          What level of understanding is their on the other team’s needs, and how it this currently communicated?
-          Practical examples of how to remove boundaries and get a good working relationship
-          How can good collaboration really help solve your problems – real examples of tangible improvements at a trading level and on a global organisational level

3:45 pm - 4:15 pm Afternoon Coffee Break and Networking

4:15 pm - 4:35 pm KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Which new disruptive technologies are likely to transform the way the equity trading ecosystem operates and how can you structure your trading division to benefit?

Rick Lacaille - Global Chief Investment Officer, SSGA
-          How far upstream does trading now go? Where is the clear line of division and how has this changed over the last decade?
-          What can larger asset managers learn from smaller, leaner hedge funds on how these job functions and departments are integrated?
-          How do the various divisions communicate and streamline objectives and feedback – what needs to be improved?
-          How can effective data and feedback sharing really drive outperformance in reality in a cross-asset world?
-          How can the industry change best execution to be more a function of the complete order lifecycle, not just execution on the venue?

Rick Lacaille

Global Chief Investment Officer

4:35 pm - 5:00 pm CRYSTAL BALL GAZING: How will global capital markets evolve in an era of ever-changing political risk and how can you turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities?

-          What does a post Brexit Europe and continued Trump administration mean for financial markets and the trading function?
-          How will investor attitudes towards equities fair up in light of trade tensions and political uncertainty and what challenges and opportunities can this bring?
-          What does the 2028 equity trading market structure look like and how truly different is it to today’s ecosystem?
What are the top 3 actions the panelists will take in their role to maintain a competitive business position, improve efficiency and ensure outperformance?

5:00 pm - 5:20 pm Chairpersons Closing Remarks

5:20 pm - 5:20 pm End of Conference