TradeTech Europe 2020

19 - 21 October, 2020

Palais des Congrès de Paris

Jane Buchan, CEO at Martlet Asset Management
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Jane Buchan

Martlet Asset Management

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Focus Day - 19 October 2020

Monday, October 19th, 2020

1:30 PM Panel Discussion - How can you identify and successfully implement cutting-edge data-driven technologies to enhance your front to back trading capabilities?

Gain insight from both sides of the trading landscape, where two of the biggest asset managers globally by AUM and three of the leading banks discuss where they are seeing technological advancements in data analytics and trading, and debate how to overcome the biggest challenges in industry application.

  • What are the technologies of interest for the buy side?
  • How to make the decision on what technology capabilities your business needs, how valuable this investment is for your business and when is the investment needed?
  • What are the common barriers of entry for technology investing and advancement?
  • What are the primary drivers for investing in new technology ie. Cost and resources or the need for more agility?
  • With the major developments in infrastructure and mergers between front, middle and back office, what steps are being made to improve communication between the trading and data science teams?
  • How will the trading landscape as we know it look to change with the evolution of advanced technology from more traditional players in the market

5:00 PM Panel Discussion - How does your business need to adapt to best source, hire, train and retain top data science talent to thrive in the new data-driven landscape?

With the skill sets required to drive performance in both investment and trading changing, discover from an academic and industry perspective what is now needed, as well as where the future talent is coming from and how their skills are different.  
  • How have team skills and requirements changed and how do current teams fall short?
  • How to best upskill a team - train in house or outsource and what are the key considerations?
  • How to get the best team on a budget and resource constraint
  • How to best measure the impact of data science on your business- current practices, shortfalls and strategies for overcoming