TradeTech Europe 2019

24 - 25 April, 2019

Palais des Congrès de Paris


Supurna VedBrat

Global Head, Trading

8:40 AM KEYNOTE BUY SIDE ADDRESS: ‘Leading the way through change – how can you create a dynamic team structure and trading strategy that encourages constant innovation and adaptability to growth on a global scale?'

-          What skill set is required from the trading floor now compared to the last decade? How has your trading team had to adjust?
-          How has the Blackrock global trading team benefited from diversity and in getting teams to think differently- what can this really bring to your organisation?
-          What are most leadership teams missing regarding talent and skill set?
-          How can you attract and integrate diversity into leadership to better groom your talent?
-          How has Blackrock leveraged a dynamic organisational structure and leadership to create a global solution to the market?

12:30 PM DIVERSITY ALL STAR PANEL: Benefiting from diversity and inclusion on your desk – what is the perfect recipe for hiring, training and retaining top talent in today’s highly competitive market conditions?

-          Defining diversity – what does it mean for different organisations?
-          Matching skill set, talent development and organisation objectives- what are the real challenges this industry faces and how are things changing?
-          How can the trading role be made as a more attractive career route to more diverse groups?
-          What is the newer skill set requirements for successful trading desks and how can diversity fit into this?
-          Practical examples of how to refine the recruitment, hiring and retention lifecycle? How can you do this when under extreme time constraints?
-          What still needs to be done for your desk and what are the next steps?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Supurna.

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