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25 - 26 April, 2017

Palais des Congrès de Paris

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  • Challenges in meeting the MiFID 2 time stamping requirements.Challenges in meeting the MiFID 2 time stamping requirements.
    A briefing paper on time stamping, accuracy and traceability.

    Kevin Houstoun of Rapid Addition writes about time stamping inside firms trading infrastructure and why software time stamping alone may not be good enough in a range of MiFID II situations.
  • Views From The CityViews From The City
    With less than a year before ‘go live’; expect the newswires – already dominated by articles and commentary on the subject – to go into MiFID II meltdown. And this will not be a purely Eurocentric phenomenon; MiFID II will have impact on many firms domiciled overseas.  

    In Q4 of 2016, TradeTech & Ullink interviewed 150 Equity Traders based in Europe, our research prioritised buy-side firms with the goal of getting a clearer understanding of the challenges facing European trading desks.

    View the full whitepaper here

  • Sponsorship Opportunities at TradeTech 2017Sponsorship Opportunities at TradeTech 2017
    With input from market leaders across the full equities trading value chain, including buy side, sell side, regulators, trading platforms and technology providers, only at TradeTech are attendees able to get the complete picture on how the European equity landscape is evolving and how they can drive operational improvements to stay ahead of these changes.

    TradeTech 2017 is on track for 1,200+ attendees, including 450+ senior buy side from the top ranking asset management firms and hedge funds. Join us to be part of Europe’s largest and most established equities event and position yourself as a leader in the market.
  • TradeTech 2016 - The HighlightsTradeTech 2016 - The Highlights
    With over 1000 attendees on site representing the top global asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks and other leading market participants, TradeTech Europe delivered on its promise to provide a highly focused, highly relevant buy side focused event addressing the European equity market’s biggest challenges.
  • TradeTech 2016 - Why Sponsor in 2017?TradeTech 2016 - Why Sponsor in 2017?
    Already thinking of how you can get more out of the TradeTech 2017 as a sponsor? Take a look at our post show report which includes 5 Key advantages to booking on as a sponsor now
  • 60 seconds with TradeTech Speaker Kenneth McLeish 60 seconds with TradeTech Speaker Kenneth McLeish
    We carried out an interview with TradeTech Speaker Kenneth McLeish, Global Head, Equities Trading Technology, JP Morgan Asset Management.
    Find out what Kenneth had to say in response to questions such as:

    • What impact do you think MiFID II and unbundling will have on the industry?
    • How do you envision the buyside trading desk of the future?
    • Bringing in the right staff can be a challenge, how do you approach recruitment and retention?

    Also, find out which topics Kenneth will be covering at TradeTech Europe 2017.
  • 60 seconds with TradeTech Speaker Rob Boardman60 seconds with TradeTech Speaker Rob Boardman
    We carried out an interview with TradeTech speaker Rob Boardman, EMEA CEO, ITG Europe. Find out what Rob had to say in response to questions such as:

    • How are brokers and other providers addressing the changes to research payments and how are they offering improved de-risking strategies and reporting platforms?
    • Is the market ready for the new dark pool caps proposed in MiFID II, and if so, how are organisations preparing?
    • With the growing trend in ETFs, how can best execution be performed and what role do blocks play?
    Also, find out which topics Rob will be covering at TradeTech Europe 2017.

  • Taking the buyside bull by the hornsTaking the buyside bull by the horns
    Mike Bellaro, global head of equity trading, explains why Deutsche Asset
    Management has taken a proactive role in building out its electronic and
    block trade offering.

    This article was first published in the Autumn 2016 issue of Best Execution.
  • MiFID II: The impact of unbundlingMiFID II: The impact of unbundling
    Even though the final Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II rules are still evolving, buy- and sellside firms in Europe are bracing for reforms that could sever the link between research payments and dealing commissions. New rules from the European Union are going to transform the way that asset managers pay for investment research and report the value of research to their end clients.

    This article was first published in the Autumn 2016 issue of Best Execution.
  • Breaking apartBreaking apart
    MiFID II may be delayed until January 2018 but the repercussions in the soon to be unbundled world are already being felt. Some brokers are already whittling down their research ranks and products while others are seeing their leading lights jump ship to their buyside compatriots.

    Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at the unravelling of research from execution.

    This article was first published in the Autumn 2016 issue of Best Execution.
  • The Winning FormulaThe Winning Formula
    Regulatory change is shaking up the European equity market. Participants are on the lookout for how to best ensure limited impact on their business.

    Concerns around research payments, best execution, and sourcing liquidity, amongst others, are bringing to light issues around broker relationships and what truly adds value to current partnerships.
  • Trade Tech 2016 Paris: IPC Compliance at the panel discussionTrade Tech 2016 Paris: IPC Compliance at the panel discussion


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  • TradeTech Condensed Agenda
  • Attendee List - TradeTech EuropeAttendee List - TradeTech Europe
  • Low-Latency Distribution of Market DataLow-Latency Distribution of Market Data
    Achieving low-latency distribution of market data has become one of the most important factors that determine success in high frequency trading. No matter how fast you can execute, if your market data is delayed relative to competing traders, you will not achieve the expected fill rates.low latency

    In spite of its importance, key questions about market data latency have traditionally been hard to answer. How long does it take for market updates to reach your systems? How much capacity will you need to process every update without delay, even when the feed is busiest? What impact do the various connectivity options available have on latency?
  • Benchmarking Report Reveals Equity Traders Challenges for 2015Benchmarking Report Reveals Equity Traders Challenges for 2015
    TradeTech conducted the second annual Equities Market Survey with over 60 senior equity buy side traders to offer an industry benchmark around key challenges. This first part addresses the trading challenges, priorities and opportunities they foresee in 2015.